Training & Nutrition

  1. Customised progressive resistance training program, tailored to your individual goals, lifestyle and ability (strength, hypertrophy, booty-building ect.) updated weekly to ensure you are making progress overtime. Each phase of programming will go for 6-8 weeks.
  2. Video analysis of your training to ensure you can ace great technique to drive the best possible results.
  3. Customised cardio recommendations, according to your individual goals. (Step target, additional cardio).
  4. Customised macronutrient recommendations monitored weekly and progressed towards your individual goals and lifestyle.
  5. Education on nutrition and flexible dieting to set you up for success and sustainability.
  6. Macro friendly food ideas and recipes
  7. Strategies to improve and assist with your habits and behaviours and relationship with food.
  8. Guidance on how to improve your overall lifestyle and mindset.
  9. Weekly check-ins via email, with audio feedback from your coach, weekly update of training and nutrition protocols, as well as overall lifestyle and mindset check in.
  10.  Access to my exclusive digital platform, with exercise demonstrations. 
  11. 100% support.
  12. Access to a private Facebook group for support and encouragement.

$80 p/w

I believe there is no one size fits all when it comes to achieving fitness goals, we all live different lives and have different goals/needs. Which is why my coaching methods are individualized, to your specific goals, needs as well as structured in a way to fit in within your lifestyle, in a way you will be able to adhere to, creating the sustainability required for long term success and enjoyment. Ensuring my clients quality of life does't have to be compromised when working towards their goals is truely important to me!


Apply for coaching:

If you are serious about seeing results, gaining education and improving your lifestyle and mindset in a sustainable and enjoyable way, you can apply for a coaching position by completing the application form with the link below:

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