About Beth

My name is Beth Clare, I’m a little fitness enthusiast, obsessed with Glute training, I am a flexible dieter and I am a lover of food and life. I love fitness and enjoy different types of training. In particular I love the challenge of strength training, and the challenge of being able to lift more than I think I can, to be able to push beyond my limits, and the feeling of being strong and empowered. Strength training has helped me personally improve my overall outlook on training and mindset.

 Over the years I have tried many different ways to achieve my fitness goals, and what I have learnt most, is that the best approach is a sustainable one. Years ago I thought it was cool to be on a strict diet plan, in preparation to achieving my dream body, and my personal goal of competing in a fitness bikini competition. What I didn't think was cool was realising that many people would look up to me, for inspiration and as a personal trainer - a role model for many, and what they didn't know I was not enjoying my cool diet. I was moody and unhappy, I binge ate like no tomorrow and this way of living was just totally unsustainable, and definitely not a good example of living a healthy fit lifestyle for my clients.

 After a year of competing with the typical bro, clean diet, I realised this didn't make me happy, and that's when I started flexible dieting, and I haven't looked back.

 I've learnt a lot and gained a lot of knowledge when it comes to dieting, body composition and training protocols over the years. But what I have learnt that is most important to me is living and loving life! There is no better way of achieving fitness goals than with a sustainable and enjoying lifestyle. I have been in dieting phases many times, and much prefer a more realistic approach which includes all the joys of life!

I am so passionate about helping others also achieve their fitness goals, but in a way which fits for their lifestyle. I've acknowledged that nobody lives the same life, which is why there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to training and achieving your goals.

The benefits that you can gain when powering through your fitness journey I feel are so important. I am so passionate about mindset, and helping others feel good from within so I want to share with you my journey and help empower others along the way.

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