I was fortunate to gain Beth as a coach in February 2018 . I approached Beth with High hopes and a strong ambition to compete in my first fitness competition whilst also developing appropriate nutrition choices and adapting a healthy mindset with my relationship with macros.
Throughout this Journey Beth strongly encouraged me and believed in me .Her support to assist me throughout my prep was second to none . Beth went above and beyond .She assisted in ALL varieties of my competition prep.These included ,  workout programs , nutrition, lifestyle support , rehabilitation advice and posing advice.
Beth made my first time competition prep a really exciting and strongly enjoyable experience in which I was beyond grateful for achieving 4th place in my fitness first timers catagory.
Iv been able to gain a lot of knowledge and understanding to how my own body adapts to different exercises and nutrition in which I aim to take my strength , mindset skills to other relative levels and won’t look back . 
•Beth insured my technique and form is always correct and on point by sending her videos weekly to avoid injuries .
•Beth was always reliable and was kindly helpful with answering questions and further assistance throughout the week .
•Beth had a supportive network behind her on social media to help assist in macro choices . Having team mates upload their nutritional information was a great way to help broaden your food choices and analyse what else you can buy within your macros .
Beth’s spirit and determination never cease to amaze and inspire me . The workout programs she creates especially the booty programs are interesting, fun and diverse.
I never found a day where I would say “ I don’t feel like training today” when having one of Beth’s programs .
I always found myself “ excited to train” & lift heavy whilst doing those hip trusts that give you all the right result any girl or guy would aspire to .
Forever grateful for your coaching.