Back in November 2017, I found myself stuck. I just had some massive things go on in my life that lead me to gain a lot of weight in such a sort period of time. I have been going to the gym now since 2011, I learnt a lot about how to do certain exercises in the gym but never actually was able to keep my motivation. I had been following Beth on Instagram for while and during November when I knew I had to do something about my weight I emailed 3-5 personal trainers and Beth just stood out to me. Her energy and willingness to help straight away and compassion just blew me away.  Motivation has to come from within but I found having someone like Beth so positive and uplifting no matter the shocking week I have had is why every week I’m able to keep on track. You can truly tell Beth loves what she does and the knowledge she knows is just unbelievable and she’s real with me and I am so comfortable to tell Beth anything that’s how we work so well. Beth’s programs for me including nutrition, weights and cardio has all been suited to fit my crazy lifestyle, being at uni and having shift work was hard to keep on track but now with my training around my lifestyle that’s how I have been training for such a short period of time now and I’ve seen more results within the 6 months I have had Beth as my coach then the overall 7 years I have been going to the gym and that’s because she works around my schedule and makes everything realistic and achievable. As well as my weekly check ins for Beth to know where I’m at, the week I’ve had and overall how I’m going.

I set my goals pretty high when I first started to loose weight in 2 months for my overseas trip and tick we did that, now my goal is to tone the muscles I do have and loose the extra body fat on me and within such a sort period of time I’m seeing my body change and I am so happy and proud within myself and feel amazing. Before training with Beth, I would use any excuse not to go to the gym or exercise. I was so self-conscious and hated how my body became BUT now I am so proud of how hard me and Beth have worked to get me where I am and I have never felt so motivated and energetic. I look at photos now and feel beautiful within myself and that’s a massive thing I have Beth to thank for to love myself and treat my body the way it deserves and this journey of mine still continues and I couldn’t be more excited.

- Mikayla