I first met Beth at a Kettlebell course a little over 4 years ago. Beth and I were students in the class. I then attended some of her small group classes.

A couple of months later I was in search of a new Personal Trainer as my long time trainer had stopped working at my gym. I didn’t want any old trainer (nor any young one either). I was impressed with Beth’s understanding of my needs and her ability to get the best from me. After 2 years Beth left the gym and was given to another trainer.

Shift the clock forward 12 months and Beth tells me she’s going to provide online training and nutrition services.

I sign up immediately as I really need someone to guide me through my weight loss journey. Yes I have the knowledge to deal with this myself. I have PT qualifications, I have studied nutrition.  However, it’s not the same coaching yourself. It’s something like that old saying “anyone who acts as his/her own lawyer has a fool for a client”. I needed someone to advise me, but more importantly I wanted an accountability partner. Someone to motivate me and to kick me in the butt when I slacken off.

My goal at the start was (and still is) to get my weight down to 85kg.

In the year I’ve been with Beth I’ve lost over 15kg. That’s not a big loss I hear you say. No it’s not. Think about it, I don’t starve, I eat what I like to eat (within reason), I still eat bread, I have a glass or two of red wine. I can do this because I make them fit within my macronutrient goals for the day (mostly).

I’m now under 100kg, I look slimmer than before. My shirts and pants are either I’ll fitting (because they are now too big) or I can almost fit into my skinny clothes.

I feel fantastic, I feel healthier.

Love your work.

​- Age 64