I first began working with Beth five months ago, and within that time I have seen so many changes to my body and lifestyle and I could not be happier! Before Beth and I began to work together I had been doing functional training cardio circuits for a long period. This was great but after doing this sort of training over a long period of time my body plateaued and I wasn’t seeing any more changes. Don’t get me wrong, functional training has many benefits and is a great tool Beth incorporates within my training but I needed something else to progress. This is where Beth stepped in and took me under her wing. She gave me structured and easy to follow training programs along with calculated macros suited to me and designed to reach my personal goals.

So what were/are my goals? When I first began with Beth as her client I of course had to write down goals that I wanted to achieve. For me this was to tighten my body up, become stronger and of course get peachier.  Beth herself also set a major goal and challenge for me to do a photo shoot with a professional photographer. I did this photo shoot not long ago and I had so much fun doing it. The shoot took me way out of my comfort zone and never did I think I would be comfortable to do that sort of thing in front of random people at a beach. However I am so glad that I did because it felt amazing. It is a very pleasing feeling that I can write this knowing I can place ticks in the boxes next to my goals, especially within a five-month time frame. But in saying this I am not complacent and I am always looking to improve and work harder, Beth is always supportive and encourages getting the best out of me.

In order to achieve these goals I had to follow what Beth had set out for me each week and trust the process she gave me. The one major reason I believe that has enabled me to have success with Beth is the flexibility style of her coaching. I am a social butterfly, on my weekends I like to see my friends, have lunches, enjoy a wine here or there, eat dessert and constantly experience new things. I personally don’t like to feel restricted, or like saying no constantly to yummy things when I am in these situations. Often when it comes to losing weight many think they have to forgo these things in order to achieve their goals. Beth’s coaching exemplifies that IT IS possible to still enjoy all the foods whilst staying on track and ensuring that goals are being met. Through following Beth’s approach I am still able eat a large variety of foods whilst hitting my targets.

As a result of this, I feel great. I am more confident with my body than ever before. I have a great relationship with food and training, which has enabled me to develop extremely good habits both in the gym and out. My life isn’t over complicated with tedious meal prep and I eat the foods that I enjoy eating. This is all due to Beth. She keeps it simple, and most importantly real. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance and assurance. It is what has allowed me to grow and be successful whilst working with her.

Love you girl ;) xxx