I came across Beth about a year and a half ago and I haven't looked back since. I was struggling with weight loss, self confidence and I saw training as a chore. My training wasn't consistent and lacked structure, which caused my progress to plateau. My relationship with food wasn't great, I was one of those people that tried every 'diet' out there and still saw no real sustainable results. I would lose weight quite rapidly, as I was on a calorie deficit but would gain that weight just as quick, as I wasn't able to stick with that diet for a long period of time. I avoided certain food types like rice, pasta, bread and donuts because I didn't understand how nutrition worked. Going out with family and friends was a nightmare and I always ended up ordering a small salad and being hungry for the rest of the night.
Ever since I started working with Beth, I have seen many changes within myself, physically and mentally. I have learnt the art of counting macros and to not be afraid of food. Now bread, rice and pasta is my staple and I never say no to donuts. I eat out often and have the flexibility to consume more calories that day and simply just adjust my macros the rest of the week. 
Best part, I'm still achieving my fitness goals. I have finally found a way of eating that is sustainable and allows me to have the food I want within my set macros. Beth sets out my macros weekly to cater to my lifestyle and understands that everyone has different lives and schedules. 
With Beth's structured training program, I no longer dread going to the gym and actually enjoy stepping onto that platform and lifting the bar. I have seen my strength and confidence increase in such a short period of time, and a year ago I wouldn't have thought I would be lifting the weights I do now.
Beth has been nothing but supportive and with her guidance, knowledge and experience, I have been able to achieve the things I once thought were impossible. Beth pushes me to create a better version of myself and I feel stronger, more confident and educated with both nutrition and training.