How do you put into words just how much one person has impacted on your life?

I have been going to the gym now for over 20yrs and had various programs and trainers and even though I was basically fit I never seemed to make much progress with changing my body composition. I made small progress but not the amount I wanted. I actually never went on a diet in my life, until a few years ago I learnt about macros etc, which I tried out myself without actually fully understanding the process. I understood about the macros I just didn’t know how to tie it up with the amount of training or exactly what I was training. So I just coasted along doing my own thing with little result. Then my husband passed away unexpectedly which made me lose all focus not only on the gym but on life in general I guess. I still went to the gym but my heart just wasn’t in it. I found myself eating so much junk food because I didn’t actually have to cook for anybody anymore other than myself and it was just easier to eat junk. So I gained over 10kgs and was getting more and more depressed. Then one of the girls at the gym was being coached by Beth and she looked amazing, so I spoke to her and asked about Beth’s coaching technique and was impressed. I then emailed Beth and we started with a plan on how to get me back on track. Beth went into great detail about what my goals were and we discussed a training plan which would get the results I wanted. Beth listened to all my worries about the way my life had turned out and took that all into consideration and how best to help. Beth is very mature and intelligent beyond her years and has so much compassion it is astounding. I had a broken foot and ankle at the time and Beth worked a program around that as well. Beth taking the time to listen to me and understand all that I was/am going through has literally saved my life. Sounds cliché but it is the honest truth. How did she do this – by listening to me, by teaching me flexible dieting and working out exactly my macros to the training I was doing. Each week you check in with Beth and she goes through step by step with you the points you have made in your check in. Nothing is ever missed out. She also makes you take videos to check your form and will praise or correct which ever is applicable. If you don’t understand anything ,Beth is there to help you, you just have to let her know. Beth is not a coach that just writes a program and sells it to thousands, she writes a program especially for you – your program is yours and yours alone. She doesn’t sell you a diet plan because she doesn’t believe in them, she teaches you how to work out your meals and is always there for support.

I have been able to sustain my journey over the past 9 months with Beth, because Beth makes it easy, I can’t explain that any other way. In my opinion it shouldn’t be hard and once Beth shows you just how easy it is – then it is!! Don’t get me wrong you have to put in the work especially at the gym but Beth makes it so interesting I haven’t lost interest once in that 9 months. The thing I have lost is fat – 8kgs to date. Now our aim is to build more muscle. Beth believes we are a team not just a coach who sets and forgets (I.e. just sells you a program and then forgets or doesn’t even know you exist really).

 I am so grateful to Beth for the effort she puts into making sure we are on track and everything is working for me. I am just so grateful to Beth for so many things. She has honestly brought me back to life.