I joined Beth at a period when my fitness training was very unstructured, my diet wasn’t balanced and I had just started shift work in a very physically demanding job. During my initial consult Beth was very knowledgable and supportive in structuring my goals, workouts and eating to the very unstructured lifestyle I am living.

When doing my weekly check-in with Beth she gives me just the right amount of ‘push’ towards my goals while being very supportive. Beth is constantly offering advice and recipes if I’m struggling with my macros and has so many instructional workout videos on her Instagram, made by Beth herself, that she links me to if I need a reminder on the correct technique for an exercise.

Since training with Beth I’ve developed a much better relationship with food by removing the concept of ‘bad’ foods which I struggled with for a long time. My workouts and macros are changed regularly to make sure my goals are being met and that I can remain fit and strong to reduce my chances of injury at work. I’m so thankful to Beth for helping me get the results I’ve achieved and I’m forever impressed with how she is able to tailor my program and macros to fit the busy and no-routine lifestyle that I live!​