MACROS: 35P, 30C, 20F, 10Fibre 

(Please note: above macros are for quantities below)

Serves: One 

You can increase quantities depending on servings needed.


  • 100g heart smart lean beef mince.

  • 40g red kidney beans.

  • 60g avocado.

  • 20g Woolworths light tasty cheese.

  • 60g carrot

  • 50g tomato salsa

  • 80g tomato

  • lettuce

  • 80g cucumber 

Cooking method

  1. Cook beef mince with choice of spices on a low heat with a touch of olive oil in a fry pan. I like to use paprika, pepper, garlic and chilli.

  2. Chop up salads and place in bowl.

  3. Add the beef with salsa and avocado.

  4. There you have it, simple nutritious and easy as that.