Initially I started training with Beth BX3 classes because I was lacking motivation and it looked like a fun environment to train in and who doesn’t love a good booty sesh. I’m so happy I did! It wasn’t long before I was also working as an online client with Beth. She has a wealth of knowledge and has opened my eyes to fuelling my body in the heathy way while still enjoying life. 

No restrictive diets or quick fat loss challenges here Beth is all about lifestyle and sustainability which has worked perfectly for me being a busy mum of 4. My mindset towards food has changed a lot I was stuck in a cycle of restricting and binging and of course getting no results from that. I now have a healthy view on how to fuel my body and actually eat a lot more these days then in the past while still getting good body composition results. Winning!! 

I love her approach to training and not only has my strength come leaps and bounds but my confidence in lifting weights and life in general has increased dramatically. I’m working a lot smarter these days in the gym and I have even been inspired to get certified myself and follow my passion of fitness. I look forward to Bx3 classes every week with the girls, I always leave feeling strong and inspired! Beth has created a great community of strong women supporting and encouraging each other #teampeach 

Beth’s outlook on life is so positive it’s contagious! She knows how to push you to live your best life and feel amazing. 

I’m so grateful I found her x